The Next Version

Confessions of an intuitive teacher 

The Next Version can be used as a personal self-development workshop designed to transform you into the next version of yourself, or as a feel-good, quick read.

The Next Version is a collection of twelve essays that can be used as your own personal self-development workshop. Each chapter is a how to guide designed to transform you into a unique facet of the next version of yourself. Do it now. Take the immediate step in front of you today. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Copyright © 1987-2017 John Bickart, Inc.
Author: John Bickart, Edited by Andrew Leaf


Title Page


Chapter 1 … My First Teaching Intuition

Workshop Questions … My First Teaching Intuition

Chapter 2 … The New Teacher

Workshop Questions … The New Teacher

Chapter 3 … Blind Spots

Workshop Questions … Blind Spots

Chapter 4 … Marvin’s Sacrifice

Workshop Questions … Marvin’s Sacrifice

Chapter 5 … Strength in Compliance

Workshop Questions … Strength in Compliance

Chapter 6 … Math Phobia

Workshop Questions … Math Phobia

Chapter 7 … The Biggest Lie

Workshop Questions … The Biggest Lie

Chapter 8 … Emerson, Dewey and Pat

Workshop Questions … Emerson, Dewey and Pat

Chapter 9 … Self-Reliance in School

Workshop Questions … Self-Reliance in School

Chapter 10 … Mr. T.

Workshop Questions … Mr. T.

Chapter 11 … Thinking as One

Workshop Questions … Thinking as One

Chapter 12 … Points of View

Workshop Questions … Points of View