The Next Version of You

12 stories that highlight how to use INTUITION to update your life

The Next Version of You can be used as a personal self-development workshop designed to transform you into the next version of yourself, or as a feel-good, quick read.

The Next Version of You is a collection of twelve essays that can be used as your own personal handbook. Each chapter shows a different facet of how you intuitively know, in your heart, how to transform your life. Do it now. Take the immediate step in front of you today. Don't wait until tomorrow.

Copyright © 2018 John Bickart, Inc.
Author: John Bickart, Edited by Andrew Leaf


Title Page


Chapter 1 ... My First Teaching Intuition

Workshop Questions ... My First Teaching Intuition

Chapter 2 ... The New Teacher

Workshop Questions ... The New Teacher

Chapter 3 ... Blind Spots

Workshop Questions ... Blind Spots

Chapter 4 ... Marvin's Sacrifice

Workshop Questions ... Marvin's Sacrifice

Chapter 5 ... Strength in Compliance

Workshop Questions ... Strength in Compliance

Chapter 6 ... Math Phobia

Workshop Questions ... Math Phobia

Chapter 7 ... The Biggest Lie

Workshop Questions ... The Biggest Lie

Chapter 8 ... Emerson, Dewey and Pat

Workshop Questions ... Emerson, Dewey and Pat

Chapter 9 ... Self-Reliance in School

Workshop Questions ... Self-Reliance in School

Chapter 10 ... Mr. T.

Workshop Questions ... Mr. T.

Chapter 11 ... Thinking as One

Workshop Questions ... Thinking as One

Chapter 12 ... Points of View

Workshop Questions ... Points of View