Questioning what you have been taught.
Remembering what you know.

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These are lessons for life.

One life lesson is to have fun with your life. Especially when difficult times come your way, as someone once said, “look to laugh, look to love, look to live!” Another lesson is to keep learning. Life’s lessons are always changing because your life is always changing. And even if you try to stay the same, everything around you will change, anyway. You are always growing. You are growing into the next version of yourself – whether you wanted to or not. So, if you want to keep learning how to become your next version, don’t wait around for someone to take care of you! Become your own teacher! To constantly learn how to live your life, take lessons from whatever is around you. The events and people around you right now are full of lessons that will graduate you to the next version of yourself. Wake up. Listen. All you need to learn the next life lesson is right in front of you. Right now.

But don’t just take everything in front of you. Don’t eat everything you see and don’t listen to everything you hear. Question everything you are being ‘taught’ by the life lesson that is in front of you. And to test whether to go with the lesson or not – remember in your heart how you felt from past lessons. Use your heart to tell you how to remember the common sense you already know.

So, that’s it. Now, go. Do it.


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